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Price Comparison List Shows Organic Pharmacy Cheaper Than WalMart

One of Organic Pharmacy's customers recently informed us that she buys her supplements from them because their prices are cheaper than Walmart.  We were shocked by this information and decided to do a price comparison.

Out of the 75 products that both companies carry
we found 51 that were indeed Cheaper than Walmart's Price.

Most of the other products that Organic Pharmacy carrys
are of a specialized nature
and are not available through Walmart.

We found 11 products that cost at least 10 bucks more at Walmart
17 more products that were 5-10 bucks more
and 23 more products that cost a little more at Walmart. 

We would hope that you would prefer to
Save Money and Support Independent Small Business
over the the mega stores when possible
and therefore thought you would find this price comparison useful.