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my mind feels razor sharp again

Sent: Thursday, November 13, 2014 11:11 AM
To: lloyd
Subject: Re: Ask Lloyd .

Hi Lloyd,

I just ordered 90 TA65 caps. Will be going over the other information extensively this weekend.

The studies I provided you show the basic timeline and disease progression once someone presents with refractory ascities. I wanted you to know that I harbor no illusions about my predicament ;) My doctors have already wasted more than six months of my short remaining life span to no avail;a bit upsetting but expected. I'm 60 now and not the fighter I used to be. A transplant does not interest me. In my present condition I doubt that I'd have the ability to recover from the operation even if it were successful. Of late I've put as much time in to my spiritual development as I have treatment options. After all, even if I manage to deal with the Hep C I'm just buying time at this point. I've lived a very full life and they're not going to have to drag me out kicking and screaming. I watched to many people close to me go that way and I'm working on developing the acceptance needed to die with dignity.

There is a positive aspect of having cirrhosis! Being awake 20 hours a day gives me time to do what I love best - research and study the human body. Since starting your VEP II program my mind feels razor sharp again. Its been years since I last cleared the brain fog and I'm making the most of it! 

The TA65 looks promising. I take all of your suggestions under serious consideration.

You people don't mess around when it comes to processing orders and I love that! It's a pleasure doing business with you.

To your health, and mine,


From: Lloyd Wright
To: cliff.
Sent: Thu, Nov 13, 2014 10:06 am
Subject: RE: Ask Lloyd

Hi Cliff,

I have read the two studies you sent below.

As I wrote in my first email, the therapy that I see results in is taking 3 NatCell Liver, 3 NatCell Mesenchyme and 3 NatCell Thymus a day.

The NatCell liver is capable of raising Albumin over time. Also an infusion of Albumin is always good if you can talk the doctor into doing it.

I cited some albumin studies in my first book that showed terrific results in other areas.

Mesenchyme is a stem cell. Studies on mice show that if humans used Mesenchyme that it could cut the liver transplants in the US in half.

Thymus increases the T cell count by 1000 times.

There is much more these products do.

You can read about NatCell Liver here:

You can read a lot about thymus here:

Read the links at the bottom of the page.

has some interesting information.

It is not a bad idea to get on the transplant list.

But, most doctors insist on the hepatitis A & B vaccine as prerequisite. Do not take these, if you do, your condition will worsen.

Do not take Nexium, Prilosec or any acid pump inhibitor.

Do not take antibiotics especially amoxicillin unless you have to  in order to deal with infection caused by the removal of the fluid.

Do not take vitamin E or Resveratrol.

You might consider taking TA65.

I went thru extensive training to obtain the right to sell TA65 and in doing this I learned that TA65 increases liver cell regeneration 10 fold.

This could be creative in theory. I have not had enough clients use TA65 who have Ascities to know.

In health,

Lloyd's Viral Eradication Program