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Save Local Food & Supplements From Congress - They VOTE TODAY!

Email or Call your Senators and ask them to oppose S.510--the FDA Food Safety Modernization Act.
(To view the bill and it's status, go to and enter the title in the search field).


It now approaches its final hurdle before being voted on by the full Senate - an effort by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) to stop debate on S. 510 by invoking cloture (a motion which requires a three-fifths majority of the full Senate [60 votes] to pass).

The best chance to defeat S. 510 is to defeat the cloture and prevent a vote.

Email your Senators now and urge them to oppose cloture for S. 510, and feel free to edit the letter provided so that lawmakers receive a variety of emails.


Here's a wealth of analysis that demonstrates the threat S. 510 represents for the local food movement. It greatly expands the FDA's jurisdiction over intrastate commerce and imposes one-size-fits-all regulations that will make it more difficult for small farms and food processors to remain in business. The bill must be stopped and our concerns addressed before it can be considered for a vote.

Hold the line against expansion of the FDA's authority and prevent the onerous regulations that would stymie small farms and food processors -
Email your Senators now and urge them to vote "NO" on cloture for S. 510.